2 thoughts on “Black Pitador/Labrabull

  1. I just inherited a dog who’s owner said he thought the dog was lab/pit mixed which is what I suspected. I’m so glad to know now we were right. I never knew the mix had a recognized name such Labrabull or Pitador. She’s a beautiful dog obedient and very disciplined. Athough I’m hearbroken over the loss of my dear frien I’m so glad I have Abby!

  2. Very sweet dogs! I adopted from our local shelter a Labrabull, Woodrow, is his name. We kept the name, very distinguished for him. We call him Woody. He does have a temperament that I have had to learn about. I think it has to do with his upbringing. He was adopted and returned to the shelter 2 times. He has issues, but I can live with them. I am learning how to be a pack leader and he respects me. He has so much love to give, and so do I. I feel Woody felt my pain after the loss of my husband last year in 2020. He has been right by my side everyday. Very good, obedient dogs. Will protect you, learn your patterns and love you.

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