German Shepherd and Lab Mix

A German Shepherd and Lab mix (the so called German Sheprador) can be quite unpredictable, as you can expect from any other combination between two different breeds. Check out the pictures below to see what kind of dog you might get if you mix the friendly Labrador dog with a German Shepherd, a dog that is great for service jobs. Both breeds are highly intelligent (top 5 more intelligent dog breeds), so there is no question that a German Shepherd Labrador Mix will result in a smart dog. The only question is how will it look like.

German-Shepherd-Lab-Mix Black-Lab-GSD-Mix

Black-Labrador-Germen-Shepherd-Dog-Mix Hybrid-German-Shepherd-Lab


Puppies are always cute, but those that come from a mix between GSD’s and Lab’s look especially nice.

Golden-Lab-German-Shepherd-Mix-Puppy Lab-GSD-Puppy

Video with a German Sheprador

And finally, here is a video with a 2 year old mixed breed dog, a hybrid between a Labrador Retriever and a German Shepherd, also known as a German Sheprador.

German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Curious Tina - medium female German Shepherd-lab mix German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Not-Guilty German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Outside German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Photo German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Scared German-Shepherd-and-Lab-Mix-Sleeping

40 thoughts on “German Shepherd and Lab Mix

  1. We have a 3 month old German Shepherd, golden/yellow Lab mix named Marley (see our site for pictures and/or details), who is generally very calm, with short rambunctious spurts. He is SUPER intelligent and picks up tricks very easily. He is obedient and non-aggressive. I would classify him as a low to medium energy pup. LOVE the breed

  2. I lost my most dearly loved frien and companion this week. Writing this and crying at the same time. My sheprador was almost spooky smart, and had no enemies. Loved by all. Will find me another sheprador. They are truly great friends and companions to have. I didn’t own him, he owned me and I love him for it.


    • I just adopted a shepherd lab mix from almost home foundation, his sister is still available, you should look into it if you are still looking for a pup.

    • If you are still looking please let me know. Similar breed type avail without the health problems mentioned here.

    • We rescued a black lab cross from Cyprus, we think she might be crossed with either a Belgian Malinois or GSD, we’re not sure but she is absolutely stunning to look at, she has a longer narrower snout than a lab and has more of a GSD shaped head, she’s jet black all over with the most gorgeous brown eyes. She is completely placid and very calm, gets on well with our kids and is very affectionate. She is absolutely delightful, we are soooo lucky!

    • after losing my Chocolate Lab Jake in Dec. 2015, I looked in the pet search site, it had all the dogs up for adoption here in Elko, NV. Because he was going to be a veterans companion I got him at no cost. Normally $75. and included shots and chip. He is now 8mos. and 70 lbs. smart, playful. he is a great companion. So I would try to find a site like that. There is an adoption process but as I said as Vet it cost me nothing.

  4. I adopted a sheprador, although did not know about the Shepard part till we had problems and had DNA done, as a 8 week old puppy. She was fearful from the start, and became fear aggressive and Resource Guarding about age 2 when she tried to kill the small dog in the household. Wouldn’t let the other pets approach me, etc. Took her to an PHD Veterinarian Behavioral Specialist and she’s bee treated with a strict behavior plan and medication and is still, at age 7, 100 % unpredictable. I’ve already spent over $5000 on orthopedic surgery, dental surgery, and Mental Health issues. Very sweet and loving dog. Very intelligent. Beautiful…looks like a yellow lab with a hint of Shephard in her face. We could only identify the Shepard after feature after we knew what to look for. She was the result of a white Shepard and a black lab, non purebred, crossed many times with various such dogs running off premises in back woods N.C. So not best specimens to breed. Right now she needs her front left elbow replaced. $7000. Unreal cost. I probably will have to have her put down as it is in hard to control pain every day and $7000 is not within my reach.So beware of potential problems in the hardwired characteristics of this mix.

    • I have a dog almost 2 years…exactly like yours…only pet in my home..I adopted about 8 months ago..after reading ur post I’m a lil scared of what’s to come of him..his back leg is a lil weird..I dk..his name is duke..text me..515-313-5140

  5. We have a dog just like this. Sandy. She was part of a rescued litter. I know the owner of her sister and they are both absolutely of their rockers. They still think they are puppies of just a few months despite being 5 years old now. Sandy is so intelligent and understands the meaning of so many words even though they have only been said in normal conversation!
    Despite her size she sleeps in (not on) bed with me and my husband. She is quite simply a joy.

  6. looking for a Shep/Mix female 8 to 10
    Weeks , No Older ‘ We Have a 9 mo’s
    Old Male Shep / Malamute Black

    Looking for Black/Gold Female
    I Live in Florida, zip to Ship 32926
    Call or Text Me ;321-747-3008

    • Would you consider a golden lab mix with low content Timberwolf? Beautiful animals look like white german shepherds most are white to pale gold a few black ones may still be available. Very intelligent trainable and not at all aggressive though some are timid.

  7. I have a Black Lab German Sheperd mix and he is the best dog I’ve ever had. He looks like a huge black lab except that he has white spot on his chest. He never learned to chew anything like shoes or even papers. Whe we take him to crowded places he just walks like he is human and he just get a little excited when a dog approaches us and never tries to jump on it. He stays outside the house during the day and he knocks on the door when starting to get dark so he can join the family in the living room to lie down and he goes to his bed when every body is gone to bed. I never trained him on purpose, I just talked to him with gestures since he was a puppy and picks up all the common commands. He is now three years old.

  8. July 11, 1986, my sister found a German Shepherd/Labrador mix walking down the street on a chain leash with chewed through leather leash strap, on the Upper Eastside in Manhattan.The vet said he was about 1 1/2 years old. We couldn’t find the owner. I even put an ad in the newspaper. I decided to keep him, even though he was somewhat destructive for awhile. He pased away at 15 years old. He was the best and smartest dog I ever had. I buried him at the Bide-A-Wee Pet Cemetery. I think of him and miss him everyday.

  9. I lost my Black Lab to cancer a while back. Word was out that I was looking for a large dog and was given a lead. I went to Animal Care & Control to check on the dog and found that someone had already put a hold on it. I was bum kicked and upon leaving the facility I noted a couple and a child sitting outside on the bench. To make a long story short, they had to give up the dog or be put out by their landlord. I took 4 month old Sophie home that day. Sophie is a Lab/Shep mix and just turned one year old. The eight months that I have had Sophie was heaven. She is smart, gentle and picks up what I teach her very easily. She had her prior basics in Spanish and the first time I asked her to sit, it was like I wasn’t there, however; when I said it in Spanish, her tail end hit the ground like a wet bag of cement! Another time I tried teaching her to get the newspaper on the driveway and she appeared not interested so I just let that go for then, but the next morning when I opened the front door she trotted straight to the paper and brought it to me. Now that threw me for a loop. She loves to play, run, fetch and since I retired she is by my side 24/7. She’s great with other dogs, strangers and children and is very amicable with other animals especially horses. She has all the traits of a Lab.
    I noted recently that she is protective of the house during the evenings and hours of darkness. She alerts when people are in the shadows and she strikes a pose when she hears the things I don’t. Sophie is a great watch dog WITHOUT the aggression and has not given me any reason to doubt her conduct at any given time. I would say that anyone who is looking for a GREAT dog, then a Lab/Shep mix is the ticket.
    Always remember that all dogs no matter the breed or mix, make wonderful companions and it’s the owners who determine on how the dog responds and turns out.
    A dog cannot be gentle, if it lacks strength, nor can it embrace others if it is not itself brimming with quiet self-confidence. The aforementioned comes from the Pack Leader, YOU!

  10. My grandmother had a shdprador called bugs b. Who looked exactly like the dog in the second photo he was the most calm tolerant gentle giant, me and my brother both sat on his back as kids. He lived 17 years had to be put down Because of cancer Strongly recommend this breed. Robust yet serene and beautiful

  11. I have 5 Sheprador puppies. The dam is a blonde (registered) Lab and the sire is a German Shepard (registered). We have two males and 3 females. I will be keeping a male and I have another male spoken for. The puppies are two days old and will be de-wormed and will have their first round of shots at the time of pick-up. This was an intentional cross made because both dogs are extremely intelligent and very family oriented. If interested please call or text me at 423-489-3778 Thanks

  12. For those of you that have raised Shepradors before ai have a question for you. Does the ears of this breed normally stand up like a German Shepards do, do they lay over like a Labs, can they come either way or do they have to be trimmed by a vet to stand up and look like a German Shepards do?

    • Shepradors are not an established breed. At least in the UK they aren’t. They are a cross, so they have the attributes of both breeds. As GSDs have upright ears and labs floppy ones you can’t guarantee what their ears will be like. Google Lab Shepherd crosses and you will see a myriad of different coats, colours, head, muzzle and ear shape. One of our dogs is a staffie cross greyhound and his ears half flop. I’d never get them trimmed just in order to stand them up – it would be cruel. Our elderly black lab shepherd x is now 15 years old. She’s like a black lab but with a longer gsd muzzle and thicker fluffier fur. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had for temperament, intelligence, loyalty and love. I’ll prob look for another lab x gsd when the time comes, but I won’t expect the next one to be a mirror of her either visually or temperment because I won’t know the temperament of the parents. Whatever the breed you get some GSDs that are laid back & others that are protective or nervy. You get some labs that are happy go lucky fit in dogs and others that are downright aggressive. It depends on the temperment of the parents, environment and how puppies are raised and socialised by owners. Temperament above all is the key thing.

  13. Lost my lab I had for 12 years just loved him so much. Would love to try a sheprador. I will be 88 next month and need another sweet companion. If anyone knows of one in MS. please let me know. 662-665-0851 Thanks

  14. My Black Sheprador Homer recently passed away at 16. He was my second of this mix, the first Kokanee. I cannot emphasize more what a good mix he was. Never an ounce of aggression towards people or other dogs, though he had a bit of watchdog qualities when at home.

  15. The picture of the blonde puppy with the black muzzle was exactly our sweet Walker. He was a gentle soul, loved us as we loved him dearly, and gave his all. We were fortunate to have loved this boy for almost 9 years. We lost him to cancer very suddenly 5 years ago. The pain doesn’t diminish much. We will have another someday. This sweet devoted little man always showed his respect for us when we came home from anywhere by picking up his favorite octopus and throwing it up in the air, chasing it, and wanting us to be proud of him. The day before he died, even as sick as he was, he still continued this sweet display of affection. We will never forget our Walker dog and have his ashes as some comfort.

  16. Our dog is a Shepard black Lab mix with one blue eye and one brown. She is black with a white star on her chest. I was volunteering for a rescue group here in Washington state when a notice came through from a shelter in San Bernadino, CA. They had her and had labeled her unadoptable. She has been the easiest and most loving dog I’ve ever had. She acts as my therapy dog. She rarely barks, is very smart with a quiet dignity.

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