Rotterman, Rottweiler and Doberman Pinscher Mix

Following the crossing of two purebreds, more precisely that of a Rotweiller and a Doberman Pinscher, a hybrid dog was born known as the Rotterman. Studying the books which describe the characteristics of the two parent breeds is, in fact, the best way to get acquainted with or understand the main characteristics of this hybrid breed, from temperament particularities to physical traits.


Both parent breeds of the Rotterman are widely known especially for their seemingly aggressive behavior, strength and solid constitution. These traits were the elements that qualified these dogs for owners’ personal safety and other activities in which they could make use of their strong muscles and their size, being of medium to even large sizes. The Doberman was conceived as a strong, fearless guard dog by Karl Louis Friedrich Doberman whose job was tax collection, thus needing some extra help while making rounds. The Rottweiler was primarily a herding dog found mostly on farms, who could also carry weight carts to markets and protecting at the same time his owner from potential thieves.

A Rotterman’s Personality

Very trainable dogs, despite their fierce looks, the Rotterman dogs can get used easily with children and other pets, even cats, if they are allowed to socialize from the very beginning of their lives. They often bark while playing or when someone’s at the door, from protection reasons. They get very attached to the family and have strong protective instincts towards it. Other dominant traits are loyalty, alert behavior and intelligence. As any other dog, they need attention and affection from the family members, as well as daily exercises in order to keep them in good physical and mental shape.

Activities and training

Ideally, the Rotterman should have access to open space in order to run and play, so that excess energy doesn’t get misdirected. They are not only very responsive to training, but it is highly recommended for the proper training to be carried out so that no unwanted, aggressive behavior occurs. This is done as a formal training, as this ensures firm controls and helps boosting the dog’s intelligence. The training needs to start when the dog is very young, in a gentle, but also firm manner.

It is known that a dog must be protected from gaining extra weight, which can be easily done by daily walks and runs, as these activities will keep a good muscle tone and will maintain the endurance level.

In line with the inheritance, the Rotterman has a short coat, with a reduced level of shedding. With regards to colors, black is dominant, but with some reddish or tan influences, which come from either the Doberman or the Rottweiler. Of course, even if short and easy to maintain, the dog should still be bathed on a monthly basis.


Due to the low level of shedding and the shortness of the coat, this dog is in the low maintenance category. However, they will still require a good bath every once in a while.

The Rotterman is a highly trainable dog, knowing how to respond to commands and manifesting obedience towards the owner if properly trained. They make also very good watchdogs and can provide necessary protection for the owners. In order to maintain a good physical state, they require daily walks and runs and will always enjoy socializing in the dog parks.


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