Aussiedoodle, Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix

The aussiedoodle is a breed of companion dogs, very attached to their masters. Loving human company, they are destined to live indoors and recommended not to be kept outdoors. However, if one would want to keep an aussiedoodle outside, this can be alright, as long as it doesn’t stay solely outside. This is the same for those kept indoors, they also need to be taken outside.  These dogs are mixed between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

The size of an aussiedoodle can vary depending on the sizes of the parents and they can be standard, Mini, Moyen or Toy sizes.

The aussiedoodle coat is always soft, no matter the length or texture. It can vary in length and also some aussiedoodles’ coat it is slightly wavy, while others’ is very curly. Their coat is similar to another breed of doodles, the Goldendoodle. This is due to the fact that this breed has influences from the Poodles.

Two of the main characteristics of the aussiedoodles are intelligence and friendly character. They get along very well in families and enjoy the time spent with people in general. Due to a pretty good level of agility, these have often been used as either therapy dogs or service dogs. They are both enjoying playing, having a lot of movement, but also fond of sitting right next to people.

With regards to the temp7erament, the aussiedoodles are very friendly, especially with children. If trained starting an early age, these dogs can be a major source of fun for everyone.

The brushing and professional clipping are required actions in order to provide a normal care level to the aussiedoodle.

The Aussiedoodle comes from very intelligent breeds which makes this dog very easy to train. The best methods are not the rough ones, but the mild ones, based on rewards, patience, firmness and consistency.

Aussiedoodles love activities and need to be challenged both physically and mentally in order to avoid getting them bored.

Picture source: Dreamydoodles


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