Chow Chow and Golden Retriever Mix

The mix between a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow can look quite good, as you can see below. Both breeds are medium in build, with a height of 55-60 cm for the retriever and 46-56 cm for the chow chow. The golden retriever is a very good family dog, friendly with both the members of the family and with strangers. The chow chow on the other hand can be protective when strangers are nearby. The official name for this hybrid dog is the Golden Chow.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Chow Chow Golden Retriever Mix


Since the Chow Chow side of the mix might bring a bit of aggressiveness to the dog, it’s a good idea to socialize your puppy while he’s still young, so he can get used with people. Still, to make sure he doesn’t get you into any trouble when he’s grown up, consider getting the backyard fenced up, so he doesn’t get access to strangers.

The kind of personality that you’re going to get from the Chow Chow / Golden Retriever mix is not that predictable, since the breeds are different, so be prepared for surprises. If it’s your first dog, study the traits and needs of both breeds and try to address them.

Golden Retriever Chow Mix Health Issues

Both breeds tend to have problems with hip dysplasia, so you need to watch out for it and try to prevent it as much as possible. Ideally, you should know if the dog’s parents were tested for it, since genetics plays an important role with this health issue.

Another potential issue is the coat of the Chow Chow, which is thick, making it a target for fleas. Since Golden Retrievers sometimes have allergies to fleas, you need to watch out for them and make sure you deal with the problem.

Golden Chow Puppy

And as you’re probably curious how they look like when they’re young, here is a golden chow puppy.

Golden Chow Puppy White Golden Chow Puppy

Chow-Chow-and-Golden-Retriever-Mix-Happy Chow-Chow-and-Golden-Retriever-Mix-Profile-Photo Chow-Chow-and-Golden-Retriever-Mix-Smiling

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  1. We came across you pics of Golden/Chow mix and we rescued a Golden/Cow mix that is identical…any chance that the pup in the pics is from Texas?

    • Our dog Bear looks identical to this dog as well. It’s rare to find a dog that looks so much like him. We rescued ours from a shelter in Houston called Pals for Pooches. By any chance, is that where yours came from?

      • We have one just like him too named murphy, we call him browny bear too.. He got out one day & the shelter picked him up and put him as a golden retriever but the breeder said he has none in him… very odd tho.

      • I have a golden/chow identical to the one in the picture at the top, in the snow. His name is also Bear! He is awesome. He is now 8 years old. Bear has a lot of the Golden’s personality but he is also very protective like the Chow. He is a very well behaved boy.

        • I have a 12 year old retriever chow. I rescued her from a shelter. Her name is Ginger. From the first trip home, she looked at me with pure gratefulness. She’s been an incredible dog for the past 10 years! We live in Wisconsin.

          • We rescued our not just 2 weeks ago. He is so well mannered and we are so grateful for him. He looks just like these pictures also. However, they had to trim some mats out of his coat. So we are working on some itching and dry patches. I would love any advice on coat care you all can give me!! We are in PA.

          • I had a golden chow for 16 1/2 years. Best dog ever. His coat was easy to care for. Wash and wear! Pantene worked great. He did have a thick (chow) undercoat but the groomer thinned it out. I miss his fur. Beautiful dogs. Wish I could have puppies from him. Great temperament good points of chow and good points of retriever. Joked that somewhere he had an evil twin. He loved to travel listened line a person. Understood everything I told him.

      • Bear must be a popular name for this breed, I had one that we rescued from a shelter in Massachusetts he was the best dog ever, he loved everyone.
        Unfortunately we had to have him put down a few years ago and I still miss him.

    • I had a beautiful Golden /Chow for 14 wonderful years and have been looking lately for another. He was the best friend i could ever ask for and he was highly intelligent….understanding full sentences and knowing peoples names…very polite but protective and more loving than any dog ive ever had. I spent every single day with him minus ten days in Hawaii but we skyped and i called him every day…

        • I found mine in Alabama he is now 8 weeks old and is so playful and loves other pets and kids we named him chase for he likes to do just that with the kids lol

          • Do you know if they have any more chow golden puppies available. We just lost our beautiful boy to cancer.

          • I am also looking for a chow golden mix and wanted to know where I can find some and if they are licensed breeders?

          • I am looking for another Golden/Chow mix too. My Ishe also looks identical to this picture! I was so lucky to find her in a Walmart parking in Flowood, MS15 yrs ago. I lost her in 2016 to liver cancer! Ishe (“what is she”) is how she got her name because we had no idea what she was(breeds). Even though she had the Chow in her, she was the BEST dog ? ever! If anyone knows of another needing a home, please post information. Thank you

      • I had a beautiful loving wonderful golden chow for 17 years he was respectful kind affectionate protective the best guard dog ever never misbehaved was not neutered but was always obedient not aggressive, scared of other aggressive or rowdy dogs, quiet and content, ate very little loved long walks, never stole food or chewed up anything, did not chase after females in heat, very smart, just passed away miss him so much .Best dog on the planet suffered so much because some were envious of his appearance his good behavior and because he was well cared for and pampered7 and they wanted to get that care instead of him.

        • I do! I am in NC. have a rescue I have been fostering until I can get her a GOOD home. She looks just like those above, esp. the last pic of just the face. Her name is HOPE. She is very sweet, is great in the car, great on the leash, great with people, children, cats, chickens. Loves to be loved on! Email me if you are interested.

          • Hi I’m in Texas also looking for a retriever chow mix. Can you pls tell me how old hope is? And send me a picture . Im looking for one who likes to walk on a leash with me and and enjoy being part of our family. We take good care of our pets they live about 15 years. I lost my beloved mastiff Jackie ten years ago he was 16 years. He is buried the a marble head stone with his picture in my backyard.

            Only recently have I been able to think of getting another dog since I lost dear Jackie. My granddaughter rescued a retriever chow and brought him over to visit . He is such a loyal sweet and well behaved dog I have been around. His face is like the bottom picture with rich red brown hair . I would love to find one.

          • I am looking for a golden chow puppy or young dog.
            We used to have one, and no other dog seems to compare 🙂
            I live in Roswell GA but don’t mind traveling – have any?
            Let us know 🙂

    • I have a golden chow I got on 4\22\16 and her name is tiki and she doesn’t bark and is really sweet but we bought her from a trainer so that’s probably why some of the stuff is different then the information.

    • I love my Mr. Bear! And yes he did bite my sister when I first got him but that’s because of new baby in the house and he was stress! Besides that no major problems and he is so sweet.

    • My dog looks EXACTLY like those first 2 pictures. We also got her in Texas from a shelter. We know she had puppies named popcorn, whoppers, and twizler. Any chance that our dogs could be related?

        • I have a female, Hope, about 4. She was a rescue, I am fostering her (for a year so far). She is beautiful and wonderful. See more in a reply above.

          • I have a female, Hope, about 4. She was a rescue, I am fostering her (for a year so far). She is beautiful and wonderful. See more in a reply above.

  2. Our family is the owner of Marty whose pictures you used in this web page. He was a rescue dog we adopted form the Humane Society. He has been an absolute joy to have as a pet. Not only is he a beautiful dog on the outside, he is also a very loving dog underneath. His personality is mostly that of a Golden Retriever, but we also see some elements of the Chow in him.

    He gets a lot of compliments when we take him out for a walk. People are always asking us what kind of dog he is. We always respond that he is our beloved Golden Chow.

    John, Carol and Maddie


    • We adopted a Golden Chow about 1 1/2 years ago. It is our first male, and our first mix. We have had Golden Retrievers (3) before. We now just have a female Golden and the male GC. Since he was a rescue and about 1 1/2 years old, we don’t know much about his history. He came with some baggage, food aggression, but he was out roaming the hills and fending for himself prior to his rescue. We have curbed the food aggression, but he still has a little trouble sharing rawhide chews! He is the most lovable dog in the world, never leaves my side and always wants to be touching my feet or laying on the floor next to me. We had a 17 year old cat that passed a couple of weeks ago, and Nick never bothered him (unless there was food around and then he’d just give him “the look”!
      We adore this dog and feel that he has improved so much over the last year. He did have training when we adopted him, so someone obviously cared, but just not enough. He had no idea what a toy was, how to play with another dog, etc. Now he play bows and has a rope toy that he loves. He doesn’t quite know what to do with it, except walk up and down with it showing off like its a big deal!
      So funny. We are more than willing to work for as long as it takes with this wonderful dog!

      • Finally I found my dog’s breed! Your Marty looks exactly like my dog. What a beautiful animal – inside as well as out. But she does have issues such as trying to escape, sometimes succeeding, running away from me like a game, and bolting for any critter she spies.
        I inherited her when my brother passed away 8 mos ago. He adopted her from a shelter and told me he chose Duchess because she was calmly relaxed and appeared to be expecting him.
        As her girlfriend, I spoiled her and played chase-her in the backyard and gave treats wantonly. All fun and games then but woe to me now! I’m trying to estasblish some alpha-ness but she can be bossy, and definately listens to any man better than me. Actually, she listens to anyone but me when she on the lam. The only way I can catch her is if someone she doesn’t know calls her over. Then she’ll sit patiently for them until I get the leash on. I think she was a well loved dog before she went to the shelter because she was so loving and calm – but I bet anything she landed in the slammer because she ran away and got lost. Maybe that’s what happen to Billies Jo’s dog too, ran away for fun and got lost… Anyway, I love her to pieces and she’s my best friend.

        • You should try watching the Dog Whisper with Cesar Milan. He is amazing I still can’t believe it when I watch it!!! Lots of helpful tips on being a “Pack leader.”;)

        • That not-listening thing – total chow side 🙂 They can be awfully obstinate when they really want to be, and I’ve found that most often that’s when they want to go explore something and you’d rather they not. LOL.

    • Ditto to everything John said. We have a golden chow female named Charlie. We adopted her when she was between 1-2 years old. This is the first family dog that our son got to pick for his own. She is a wonderful dog with the temperament of a golden retriever but at times definitely lets her chow show through. My family had a Chow and while I love the breed I think I love the golden chow better because you get the best of both dogs.

    • John and Carol

      I placed one of the more recent photos a few months ago on October 6, 2015, on the Golden-Retriever Chow mix message board where you spoke about Marty. Please take a look at the photo of Jess alongside Marty’s photo at this link: I am trying to track down a little more info on Jess’s origins or distant cousins. Can you tell me what humane society you got Marty from and roughly when, and anything else you might have learned then?

      Thank you.

      • Omg I am so glad I found this forum! I have a Golden Chow named Teddy aka Mr. Man. Best dog ever. When my fiance adopted him from a lady giving puppies away at Walmart he was told his mix was golden retriever shih tzu. Which made no sense. He looks exactly like the dog Marty from the photos above and yours, I will leave a link to pictures of Teddy but I am.almost %100 sure he is a Golden Chow. I don’t know how I’d live without him and my entire family feels the same way. Definitely can see the chow personality every once in awhIle. It makes such perfect sense. 🙂

      • I have a Golden Chow which looks identical to your dogs. Rescued her 7 years ago. Live in KC. She is the best dog, great temperament and loves to cuddle. Very submissive though. Did not know the appropriate name till now, great to find out there are more Golden Chows around.

    • I had a golden retriever chow mix, my maggie may,I had for 18 years I had to do the hardest thing but the right thing on may 16th 2018,I’m just now able to think about another for baby, the best friend and doggie I ever had looking for rescues in Las Vegas nv anyway just had to tell you about my little girl,who I miss everyday still ,C YA

  3. We just lost our golden retreiver chow mix 2 weeks ago. She would have been 14 yrs old late August. We found her on a country road all alone in October of 99. She was the best dog! A very good natured dog. She enjoyed camping with us. She never bit anyone even though she was part chow. She had a rash of some sort on her back starting at hips and was spreading up to neck. She was treated with antibiotics for 4 weeks and was not getting better. Vet did not know what rash was so a biopsy was done while she was having surgery to remove a cyst on eyelid that was irritating her eye. She did not come out of anesthesia the way she should have and we was able to bring her home. She passed away 1 1/2 hr after she was home. If we could find another like her with same temperament and sweetness we would take it in a heart beat! She is missed everyday by my husband and me.

    • I just came across this by now you must have a dog not sure where you live but I recused a dog part chow and golden he is about a year old only had him for 5 weeks I found out from a stranger that a dog was chained to a tree with no shelter provided I flipped out of course asked where it was she told me where and wrote down directions well in a snow storm me and a friend drove 47 miles I jumped out of the car took the dog I cried the dog was beautiful every bone in its body was hiding underneath all that fur broke my heart you could put your hands on its sides and put your fingers between its ribs its back bone was horrible and his hip bones were sticking up you could grab them we had a small baggie of dog food in the car the dog almost took my hand off was like a wild animal starved later found out the people that lived there were drug addicts using the dog as a watch dog I guess he had been there for a year the girl said …He is the best sweetest most behaved dog I have ever seen I am trying to find it a good home so let me know if your interested I am not in a finanical postition to keep him but I would still do it all over again he just had all his shots getting neutered on the 25th of march … thanks for listing my phone number is 304-539-0685

      • Thank you for being such a caring person. We have a golden chow that came from Kentucky. He is blind in one eye and no one seems to know what happened to him. We contacted the shelter and veterinary office in Kentucky but all we know is that he was hit by a car, a passerby kept him for 6 months and then brought him to the shelter. He is a wonder companion and I thank God for sending him to us.

  4. We just lost our golden retriever chow mix about a month ago. He was almost 19 years old and we had him for 17 of those 19. He was a member of the family not a pet. Anyone who met him fell in love with him. He was a joy to be around. He was full of life and did not look his age and could keep up with the best of any dog. It was not until the last 6 months did he start to slow down when he developed kidney disease.

    • Golden Chow are the best mix! I lost my little guy in Feb. He was 2 weeks shy of 17. Zay was an angel unless you wanted his food or bones. He also couldn’t get down a street in NYC without being asked “What kind of dog is he?” He was so handsome. It’s nice to see so many of them have lived nice long lives. He was still hiking with me two months before he passed away. His eyes had some issues but that was it. Two weeks before he passed he had a massive seizure. It was his very first seizure. He just went downhill after that episode. If anyone comes across a male GC that looks like a teddybear, please foward him to me. Im almost ready and would love another Golden Chow. Thank you:)

  5. Will, our beautiful Golden Chow died a month ago. He was 14-15 years old, we adopted him from the Humane Society in Tucson, AZ when he was about 3 years old. He looked exactly like your dog Marty, and I fell in love with him at first sight! We feel privileged to have shared those years with him, he was typical of both breeds – gentle, friendly and fun-loving but with a strong protective instinct and a wander-lust that got him into a few scrapes! We miss him so much.

  6. Sorry for your loss guys. I’m always reading up on Golden Chows. My wife and I adopted ours from the humane society in September 2009. He was about 4-5 months old at the time. We didn’t recognize he was half chow, they said he was a golden/lab mix. Later on a vet mentioned to us that this dog had a lot of chow in him. He noticed that after he got snapped at good and had to be muzzled. We quickly realized he was indeed a Golden Chow. He still hates going to the vet. The pics of some of these dogs could literally be his litter mates. Luckily for us we took him to dog daycare some as a pup so he loves other dogs. He is very protective of our house and yard but is great with our daughter who was born in May 2010. He isn’t good with strangers though. If someone comes over, as long as they kind of let him come to them he is generally ok. That said, we certainly don’t put him in positions to fail and I wish we had been more aware of his needs as a pup to socialize. I can remember when we first got him and kids wanted to pet him on walks how he would shrink away. It’s obvious now to me but at the time I didn’t see it. We love him immensely though and he is the perfect dog for us. He literally loved on our daughter from the day she came home from the hospital. He just isn’t a fan of strangers and I’ve told our Fedex and UPS drivers to come up on the parking pad past where his electric fence runs just to be sure.

  7. I am so excited to know Scooter Brown Palm has some relatives out there that not only look identical to him, but seem to have the same habits. Our dog loves the beach, digging holes in the yard and giving morning cuddles. He is so smart and cautious, but once he gets to know he will be safe in a new venture-he goes off confident and has a lot of fun. We also have a beagle mix who has a lot of “interesting” habits and they both provide lots of love, always excited to see us at the end of a workday. We rescued two beautiful children!

  8. We lost our 13 year old golden retriever/chow, Sable, today, and we are heartbroken. We rescued her 10 years ago from the Bangor, Maine Humane Society. She was a beautiful, wonderful dog; protective but sweet to people after she saw the family interacting with them. She loved being petted, but she also enjoyed her space, and would lie down a few feet away when she’d been gotten the attention she wanted. She enjoyed her two walks each day, and was content to sit outside and watch the world in between those times. She is greatly missed. If you are considering this mix of dog, they have a strong personality but they’ll love and watch over you forever.

  9. I have a 5yr old golden chow (Millie) who we adopted from a local shelter Lollipop Farm as a puppy. I noticed right away that she wasn’t the lab mix they claimed she was by the way she acted from day one. Like you have all described she is a big sweetheart……once she’s comfortable with you, but very protective of my daughter and I and very leery of strangers. We also have a golden lab and 3 cats and she gets along great with all of them, even playing with the cats sometimes. She has always welcomed attention immediately from children of all ages and has gotten better about accepting new adults a bit quicker but still has to warm up to them. I noticed that not many have described the size of your dogs, Millie is exactly 60 pounds of pure muscle, is this about average? She is a total baby who will jump in bed with you, follow you around and loves to melt right into you on the couch, I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

    • Haha, we were the suckers who believed them when they said golden/lab mix. We were new dog owners and didn’t notice those ears. Sam is 52 lbs last time they weighed him.

      • I’m so glad I found this! I’ve never met anyone with a Golden Chow or even seen one before. My husband and I rescued our wonderful golden chow, Teddy, 6 months ago. They estimated that he was approximately 3 years old and was said to come in as a stray. The rescue we got him from is also amazing because they fosters dogs (so they are in homes and not shelter cages). He had heartworm and tapeworm but was treated and is clear of everything and is at a healthy weight.

        Teddy is amazing! Almost every day we are saying how much we love him. He was crate trained, has never had an accident at our house, almost never barks (so when he does, you know something is up). He is good with his food but although we keep his water dish clean and full inside, he prefers to drink water outside…from anything. After it rains, he is happy to lick the deck dry. He walks well. Someone mentioned the rawhides and I can relate. Once he has it, you aren’t getting it back. And he loves watching the squirrels in the yard; he used to chase them until he ran so hard and was stopped quick by his lead. Now he waits under the tree…I think he thinks they are just going to fall out for him.

        The biggest issue Teddy has is other dogs. Our neighbor has a little one that he plays well with but the other neighbor has a bigger dog and the one time that Teddy got close to the fence when she was out…did not go well. We haven’t figured out the reason or triggers but we are one-dog household so I’m not worried. He is awesome with people and kids, although he tends to jump if you stop petting him but we are working on that bad habit and I’m positive that he will be good. He can sit, but he would rather lay down and I taught him to shake and now he does it all the time!

        My favorite thing about Teddy is that he howls!! Everytime he hears a siren or the horn of a semi, he will howl. We love it…and so did everyone at the parade this summer! I would definitely recommend golden chows because they are lovable, smart and beautiful dogs.

  10. I had a Golden Chow named Chewie. He was born December 24, 1999. I just put him down on Oct. 8, 2013. He had a stroke the night before I put him down. He had the best of both breeds. I would adpot another Golden Chow in a dog second. I really fall in love with this mix breed.

  11. I just put my love down on the 3rd of September, and I could never ask for a better dog. I was very good to him, and treated him pretty much like a human, and people were amazed how smart he was, and well behaved. I found him at the pound 14 yrs ago, and only wish I could find another one. I cant seem to find one, but if you do, respect both breeds and work with them every day, and you will never be disappointed !!!

  12. We lost our girl- Sandy this month Oct 12th, 2013. Our hearts are broken! We had her 15 years. This breed genetics to spleen cancer 🙁 She was our family! She was loved by everyone-sweet, loving, faithful, funny, beautiful! This is an amazing breed! The chow in her was so very very protective of her family! We always felt safe! She was so intelligent. Beautiful loving eyes! If you are considering this breed – don’t hesitate.

  13. I lost my 14 yr old golden chow Sept 3 this yr. Not a day goes by that I haven’t shed a tear and I find myself looking for him under adoptions….there cant be a better breed, God love them…I want another one, but cant seem to find one…I live in Tacoma, Wa

  14. Has any one ever had a problem with seizures in this breed? My 8 1/2 year old is having them every hour 🙁 i called the vet and she won’t see him till the morning any ideas as to what may be wrong with my Golden chow?

    • My old dog Brandy (RIP my BFF) had seizures. Diagnosed at 1 1/2 years old. I rescued her at 9 months old. Vet said they were from malnutrition. AniMal control said she had been on her own for months when they captured her. Hers were never bad enough to need medicine (the vet said) but she did have them. They would last about 5 mins and be grand mal. We just cleared the area and stayed with her to make sure she was ok when done. She sometimes had 2 or 3 in a row then none for awhile. She would be groggy and want to go outside. Sometimes would vomit ans stagger and then sleep it off. Never left her alone till we made sure she was ok. She lived to 13 1/2 years. She was the smartest and best dog ever! I love the Golden Chows. We have Levi, who just turned 12 and he is so laid back and a great dog (rescued him 10 years ago, Brandy was 11 at the time).

    • My 17 year old golden chow had a seizure two months ago after eating hia favorite snack from a new pack I had just bought. He recovered after much care but never ate properly and had lot of problems today he died after having seizures after eating rat Bait or some Strychnine poisoning his symptoms were matching that.

  15. Wow! We’ve had our golden chow (Barrett) for 12 years now and it’s exciting for me to find that we’re not the only ones enjoying this amazing animal. I’ve never seen another one except for the pictures at the top of this conversation. People constantly ask me what breed he is and tell me how gorgeous he is. Smart? I’d say unbelievably smart. And so loving that he gets pissy when he’s not getting as much attention as our son. Sometimes he lays down in the hallway and faces away from us in silent protest. Other times he has faked a limp when the grandparents are giving our son too much attention and instantly they all say, “aw, Barrett come here. What’s wrong with your leg?” He actually knows how to work a room for attention. He never barks and wants to make friends with everyone and all dogs. My wife and I work so much we had to get someone to clean the house once every two weeks. We just gave her the key and had no worries about Barrett meeting her for the first time. He’s excited about meeting everyone. And on the smartness, Barrett has always noticed when dogs are on tv. At first we just thought he was responding to the barking so we turned off the sound. He still gets all excited when he sees a dog on tv. Even cartoon dogs. Again, with no sound!
    Barrett was also a rescued stray and apparently they are a rare mix. I only hope they are available to find in the future as this is the BEST dog and deserves more attention.
    Merry Christmas to all of you that have been smitten by the love of a golden chow…

  16. Are these dogs mean at all we adopted a 7 month mix and was not sure and when we got home I knew she had golden retriever but a mix so I was looking and found her I have not had good experience with chows neither has my mom and I have a 2 yr old should I be worried?

    • Ashley, I’d say to make sure you socialize him early. Not just with dogs, but with people. For instance, we really thought ours was a golden/lab mix. We didn’t realize until he got a bit older he was actually a golden chow. Our vet first saw it.

      The problem with Sam, and it’s honestly my only complaint, is that while he is wonderful with other dogs, he isn’t good with new people. I couldn’t stand leaving him at 5 and 6 months in his crate while I worked all day so I started taking him to dog daycare to play and he loves it. He actually loves being boarded there to this day. However we didn’t notice his shying away from new people. Don’t get me wrong, he loves our 3 year old with all his heart and I’ve seen her do things to him before I could stop her and he just licks. We brought her blanket home from the hospital to sleep with and get used to her smell and loved her from day one. My wife is 6 months pregnant now and we plan on doing the same thing.

      He loves both our parents too but it’s just new people. Even with that, if they let him approach he is fine but if anyone approaches me he will snap. It’s not my favorite trait but I should have socialized him better. Now we just don’t put him in those type situations and honestly he is fine.

  17. I was absolutely flored when I saw these pictures.We adopted Maggie from our local shelter Englewood,FL.) last Nov.and they said she was a Golden mix. Couldn’t figure out what else was in her But I was kind of leaning to Chow. She is 8 yrs. old and very loving and sweet but needed a little more training. She sits on command but had a hard time learning “no” and “come”. Even now she hesitates when I call her when she is in the yard. She would rather inspect the perimeter of the fence looking for a way out.She succeeded a few times. I noticed she is very protective and doesn’t seem to like small dogs,which there are many where I live. I am leery of introducing her to strangers because I don’t know how she will react. I have had Boxer,Black Lab and a German Shepherd but this is my first experience with a Golden Chow.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    • Our golden chow, Amy, is smart as can be. She sits, comes and lays down when she’s told. She knows full well the word “stay” but if we actually want her to stay, we have to repeat the command quite a bit. Here’s the tip: Be persistent. I think it’s the chow in her that makes Amy a bit stubborn when she is given a command. Thank goodness the retriever seems to dominate and she eventually obeys because it seems her only goal in life is to please us. She is a pure joy. She was socialized from when she was a puppy (we rescued her at about 2 mos.) and she is great with everyone, strangers and friends alike. She has the retriever build and coat (but a little thicker) and the littler chow ears, just like in the pictures. Amy’s color is beautiful red and she has black spots on her tongue.

  18. If anyone who has lost a golden chow and is looking for another one we had to return ours to the Suncoast Humane Society in Englewood,Florida. My husband is having medical problems an I couldn’t give her the care she craved.Maggie is a beautiful,loving 8 yr old that acts much younger.We only had her for 2 months but she adapted amazingly well. It broke my heart to give her up.To see her go to adoptable dogs.

  19. I have really enjoying reading about others who have a Golden Chow like our Marty pictured above. It is interesting to see how the Golden Retriever/Chow personality traits are merged together. Marty is initially cautious of strangers, but warms up to them after he gets to know them. He also gets along with most other dogs, but every often he comes up against a new dog that he reacts very aggressively towards. We have had cats as pets along with Marty and he has always gotten along with them. It’s funny that we used to have one cat that could be aggressive towards other cats in our household. If Marty was in the room when this happened he would always break up the fight with a few barks.

  20. We have a golden chow rescue we named Ike, and he’s the best dog we’ve ever known. He’s affectionate, smart, playful, gentle when he needs to be, and well-behaved. He’s non-aggressive, but the chow side comes out in his being an excellent watchdog, and in some occasional stubbornness. He can be very insistent when he feels it is time for him to be petted and loved on!

    I can’t recommend this mixed breed enough.

  21. My husband and I recently adopted a golden/chow mix as a rescue pup. We named her Remi and she’s precious!! We also have a 2 year old yorkie… I’m concerned about Remi being aggressive with our little yorkie, who is incredible docile.. Any words of advice? She’s 10 weeks old, we’ve had her 2 weeks and everything is okay so far with them.

  22. My RICO was a Chow Chow/Retriever mix. He was a wonderful dog, I consider him my son dog. I loved him to life and wish he was still with me. My husband misses him the most, because they did father and son dog things together. Chow retriever dogs are great dogs.

  23. Best dog breed ever. We adopted Jake when he was 3yrs old from the pound. When they told us he was a golden chow mix I was apprehensive. Chows can be very aggressive dogs, however the golden chow mix has the best of both breeds. He does not smell like a typical dog (popcorn smell), he is extremely intelligent, great with our kids, and is a fantastic guard dog. He is about 70lbs. He would escape from our fenced in yard but would always return home. Now I can walk him anywhere un-leased and he will stand by my side, very easy to train. At first he did not get along with bigger dogs but has adopted well with neighbors dog. Everyone loves Jake and I would recommend this breed to anyone. He looks almost exactly like the dog in the pic.

  24. I thought this was my dog when I saw on google images but, when I bought my dog (Duncan) they told me he was a german Shepard/ weimerianer mix. I would like to include some pictures. Really awesome if some one could help! Welcome to email me. Thanks!

  25. I also have a Golden Chow and started looking for pictures so that I could identify him. He is a rescue dog from Louisiana and was a pup in the Katrina Storm so he is very uncomfortable in stormy weather. He has sort of Wolfe paws and no dew claws so I am not sure if there isn’t something else in him. He looks exactly like the picture and has all of the temperaments described above. I live in Vermont and he pulls a sled with another mixed breed dog I can see the hip area as a possible problem spot for him so I make sure he doesn’t get too much strain. His name is Benjamin and I love him to death. I just tell me to let him approach them and just to ignore him but I definitely don’t put him in a situation where he could fail. Tying him up to the sled keeps him out of trouble and he enjoys it.

  26. I have been doing more research on Golden Chows since we lost Arthur a couple of weeks ago. He was a rescue and we had him about 12 years. Hew was the best dog to which I’ve ever been the guardian, a sweetie but not always wanting of attention. He probably growled at about 4 people the entire time we had him, every time for good reason. My wife learned quickly that Arthur was also an amazing judge of other dogs, not just humans. If he wanted to say hello to another dog, they were always OK, and if he veered to the grassy area near the sidewalk and didn’t want to say hello, you could be it was a good idea not do do so.

    If anyone knows where we can find another near Salt Lake City, please contact me at: It appears that particular mixed breeds are pretty hard to find, but given the responses above and other places I’ve looked online, the Golden Chow should be bred. I know we’ll never have another Arthur, but I’m certain I’d like to have another Golden Chow, if we can find one.

  27. I have a golden chow that looks almost like that, but the color of the fur is more gold. He’s about a year and 2 months now and also my first dog:)
    It’s fun watching how both of the breeds’ characteristics come out. He constantly has to run around and play:) Just like a retriever, oh and when he gets off the leash there is NO way of catching him. Thankfully he always runs right back when he realized that he’s not on the leash anymore.
    On the other hand, when he’s inside the house he’s very calm. Unless he wants to play fetch of course, then he tosses the ball to me from across the room.
    We did not crate train him. We attempt to for the first couple of months, but he would continually pee himself and get bad anxiety. Eventually we just let him roam free around the house. So far we haven’t had any accidents, and nothing has been broken. Just like a chow, he’s a very clean dog and knows better than to go potty inside the house. I can leave him alone at home for 8 hours while I am at work, and he’ll be completely fine.
    I have noticed that like a chow, he picked only one owner; thankfully that was me. Don’t get me wrong, he gets along with the rest of the family perfectly, but they just don’t get away with tackling him, or telling him what to do as much. He tries to be alpha over them and chooses when he does or does not want to listen to them, but we’ve been working on that.
    He is absolutely AMAZING with children. My one year old god daughter got to play with him the other day and was even sticking her fingers in his mouth and he let her without showing any signs of irritation.
    He’s very protective. Especially when it comes to drunks or people in hoods. He has the tendency to sit down on my feet and growl at suspicious people. But he does not snap. As soon as that person leaves, he goes back to normal like nothing ever happened.
    I’ve noticed that golden chows are VERY smart. Tricks and rules of the house come easily to them.
    Oh and the coolest thing is that he has a “soft mouth”. Which is something golden retrievers have. It means that their mouths are very soft, and gentle. He can carry a raw egg in his mouth of hours. Even when I toss it to him and he catches it, he makes sure to not break it.

    I agree with this article. You definitely do have to make sure to socialize your golden chow puppy with other dogs, children and adults.

  28. OMG!! Buckeye, our golden chow, is awesome with my boys! 12, 6, 2. He always has been. In fact I think he prefers kids even though he is friendly with everyone. He is now 10 yrs old and our other lil dog of 17 just passed. He was good with her too. He misses her. We have also takin him to family houses and gets along with their cats too. Even though very curious bout them and cats dont like him much lol. His only flaw is he likes to get out and run and b chased like a game. He is not afraid of cars! But with age he doesnt do it as much or go as long. Lol. He has never had accident in house except once and we had moved and gated the upstairs off. First chance he got to get upstairs he punished us by going in a bedroom. We took gate down and he hasnt done it since. He can b stubborn at times but he is the BEST behaved dog I’ve ever had. We love him!

  29. Sometime last year I adopted my lovely Golden Chow puppy, Lady. She was a risky choice for a first time dog owner, but it turned out to be the right choice. Lady has turned out to be a great addition to my family. She is extremely friendly and well behaved. Teaching her tricks was a breeze, and this is coming from someone who has no training experience with pets. I am so glad to have her around.

  30. I have a golden chow Foxylady named her after the{ jimi hendrix song foxylady those who were born in the late 50’s should now him). Anyway, she is my heart I love her to death she is so funny she likes to chase lizards and we have several in our back yard. She will stick her nose in holes that are to small and has scrape the top of her nose off now its all pink. 2 weeks ago tho she became ill, ran a high fever wouldn’t eat or drink took her to the hospital they gave her fluids still very stiff all she wanted to do was lay down and sleep. they took blood, pee, every thing came back ok Took her to her vet, had xrays done had a ultra sound done, more blood was taken, nothing still she has trouble getting up on her back legs and this came on all of sudden. 2 weeks later she still doesn’t seem to be doing much better. still wants to sleep or lay all the time seems to be hard for her to stand for very long. Doesn’t seem to be in pain, but we are giving her pain pills anyway cause I think she is pain. She doesn’t want to play or go for a walk any more, I’m so sad that my Foxy is may never play again. Has anyone had the problem in their chow mix if so what was it?

  31. Had my Barney a golden chow mix who was the best dog ever. Was apprehensive whe we found out about the chow. He was so darn cute as a puppy we didn’t know what his ingredients were, but saw the curled up tail and markings on the puppy and thought- oh my he’s part chow. He ended up having the best parts of each breed. Smart stubborn and loved to swim. I would give my right arm to have him back. Just lost him recently to a perianal tumor. Would highly recommend this mix to anybody looking to adopt. He loved life sooooo much and had so much love to give. Got along with other dogs and my cats with an eye to caution on the cats. Wish I could find another Barney. Antone knowing of anyone breeding would like to know. Would adopt again.

  32. My family had one of these when I was a kid. We picked him up from the SPCA when he was already around a juvenile(?). He was so cute and beautiful even until the end. My heart stops whenever I see a dog like him (only happened once though). His tail was so fluffy and the hair on his head so freaking soft. He was the most orange dog I’ve ever seen in my life. These dogs are awesome.

    • We just adopted a 1.5 year old rescue Golden Chow through Chows Plus Have only had him for a few days, but he already feels like he has been a member of the family for years. Smart, sweet, mellow, good listener/follower. He was the first dog we met and we immediately knew he was the one. Didn’t know anything about the mix…but all the comments above seem to fit him.

  33. I have a beautiful golden chow that looks so much like the first photos on this site. Ellie is 10 years old and I rescued her at 6 weeks old from a family ready to put her down because the wife was allergic to long haired dogs. She is the best and sweetest dog with babies, small children and even any breed of dog no matter how big or small! So sweet with puppies. I get compliments on how pretty she is and she never gets sick. She still thinks she is a puppy herself wanting to play everyday when I get home, Best dog ever! I will enjoy her hopefully for a long time to come!

  34. I lost my Cody at 17 years old in July 2012. He was a golden/chow mix. I had him 3 years before I had my girls. He was the love of my life. My heart hurts when I think of him. It seems that there are no breeds around here in NC that match my Cody’s. Everyone has pit mixes or the like. Today my best friend gave me a cross stitched picture of Cody, and I burst into tears. It is beautiful. He was so gentle with my girls, and guarded them as if they were his own pups. Towards the end of his life, even in pain, he never acted aggressive towards anyone. He never left my side. He loved so deeply. I wouldn’t hesitate bringing another golden/chow into my life if I could find one. To those of you who are lucky to have one in your life now, you are truly blessed. They do need a strong leader, or else they will take control where you leave off.

  35. I just lost my golden retriever/chow chow mix to nasal cancer. He looked identical to the one pic above the one in the snow. Would love to have another if any one knows where I can get one e-mail me at Altho i will say dryfus was a very sweet and gentle dog he showed more of the golden retriever than the chow chow. He is sadly missed i had him since he was born.

  36. We have a 12 year old golden chow we adopted from a shelter in Colorado. We got Oliver when he was 3mths old. He is such a loyal sweet dog. Very gentle with children and watchful around strangers. When we moved back home to Australia we brought both our dogs with us. Oliver unfortunately has severe arthritis and had had his two crucial ligaments repaired with the help of monthly injections and rosehip pills he is doing okay. We have always had dogs but none as loving or faithful as Oliver

  37. Adopted our Chow-Retriever mix in 2000. She was a pup picked up walking on a road near the shelter. They had just given her the name, “Kissey” because she is a beautiful color of blonde undercoat and a red-brown long overcoat. They said she looked like a Hersey Chocolate Kiss. We loved the name, so we kept it. She is 15. She lies around a lot now, but what a joy still. When she was just a little girl, she would carry a puppy toy all around. It seemed as if she thought the toy was her puppy-child….so cute. She was easy to train, and is still tries to please we humans. When someone came over, I would say for them to just hold still a second, she would see, sniff once, and she would go back to lay down. She was not our only adoption. She kindly got along with a male American Eskimo, a female mixed Irish Setter, and a female mixed Scottie. Oh yes, Kissey has always been a good name, too, because ones nose to hers talking to her, she would get one fast lick…a kiss to you. You know, we cannot pay back the love and enjoyment we have received from this domestic being. In fact all of them. All I can say is thanks to GOD for letting us be there at the shelter at the right place and time. Adopt any mixed breed I have mentioned above, you will not be disappointed. Praying that my “Kissey” lives forever. Peace Be With You, and thank you for sharing. 01-25-15

  38. I’m so glad to find this group and see all of our relations! We adopted Bandit, age 12 about 8 months ago. He is healthy and active and we adore him. His original parent died and her son asked if we could take Bandit which we did immediately. Both of my kitties age 18 had just passed. Bandit is so easy to take care of it’s a joy. The only issues we have are his barking constantly at my housemate who is lovely and friendly and whom he sees every day (strangers, I can understand). The only Q I have for the group: while I adore dogs (and all animals), I’m a passionate kitty lover and am aching to get two more kitties. Has anyone had experience with bringing cats into a household with a Golden Chow and socializing them? It’s the Chow part of him that is a bit of a concern. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

    • I tried for several years to get my cat and golden chow to co-exist, but it never worked out. My cat ended up living life off the floor, which I helped along, but she was always terrified of Cody even if he was sleeping. She was able to get him to back off when cornered. I separated them during the day when I wasn’t around. Several years after my cat’s death, a cat wandered into my fenced back yard and my dog had it in his mouth by the time I reached them. Fortunately he released on my order and the cat took off. Others may have different experiences, but chows are typically suggested as being a single pet. I wouldn’t risk a cat’s life with this breed. On the other hand, my golden chow has given us 13 years of devotion – a great pet as long as you adapt to the chow tendencies.

      • Our golden chow Marty who is pictured at the top of this website has always lived with cats and generally has gotten along with them very well. We have had up to four cats with Marty with no problem. It’s funny that we used to have a male cat who liked to pick on some of the other cats. If Marty was around he would breakup the fight with a few barks. When it came to Marty’s interaction with the other cats he has always been a real gentleman.

        Email me and I will send you some pictures of Marty with some of our cats.

  39. I just got a chow/golden retriever mix. He’s beautiful,very loving and playful. He loves his toys. I had to have my chow/lab mix put down last year in November. She had cysts that were cancerous &she had already been through 1 surgery &I wasn’t putting her through another one. She was a good dog&loved her family. She’s in a better place now where she isn’t sick &she’s up there with all of our families other dogs.

  40. I’ve had the pleasure of living with my Golden Chow (never realized they were so popular) now for ten years. Cooper was from a litter of nine. When I met them, he chose me. When it was time for me to leave, he decided he was going with me. He looks exactly like that bottom picture. He is the most loving, obedient dog! He is extremely protective of me as I’ve been single the majority of our time together. But once he accepts a person, he remembers them – even if he hasn’t seen them for several years! He was easy to house train and would rather die than do something inside. He is good with the other dogs and cats. He’s become terrified of thunder over the years (and gun shots) and only jumps up on the bed when there is a bad storm. (Usually he wakes me – not the storm!). I love this guy (yes, he’s my favorite of my four dogs – but don’t tell the others) and I would get another one in a heartbeat.

  41. I’m on my second golden chow and both were rescues and I love the chow in this breed. I feel safe with Kaiser whenever I’m out and about by my self.

  42. We have a dog that I believe is chow & retriever mix. Her coat, face, tail and floppy ears look so much like the golden chow in the first 2 pics, but she is mostly black with bits of white on her toes, nose & belly. She has a wonderful temperament. She loves children and is very protective over babies and toddlers. We didn’t have any small children of our own when she chose us, but I have never had to worried about her hurting any child. She hates water, like most chows, but loves to play in the snow. She is not a large dog though, only weighing around 50 lbs.

    • She is still likely a chow golden retriever mix those are the same colors as mine was they are fantastic loyal dogs I never had an issue with mine best dogs ever.

  43. I saw one of these beautiful dogs on the San Bernardino Animal Control website. That is in Southern California. I really wanted to get her, but after reading all your comments, I don’t think she would work in our household, because we have 4 cats and no yard. I think it is critical that she is adopted soon, or she could be euthanized.

    Go to Adopt a Her number is A483109. (Her entire Pet ID is 8761789-A483109

    The shelter’s information is:
    San Bernardino Animal Control
    333 Chandler Pl.
    San Bernardino, CA 92408
    (909) 384-1304

  44. I have a golden chow named Zanza! He was about 21/2 or 3 when I rescued him. He is my baby, and I love him deeply. He is stubborn but very willing to learn and loves everybody! For the most part he is pretty well behaved. ( except he likes to pull on walks and always moves my shoes around) that’s a small price to pay for such a loving best buddy 🙂

  45. We adopted Sophie Christmas 2012 from the SPCA. She was afraid of everyone and skin and bones. We were told she was locked in a trap when her prior owners moved away. It took a while but she is the best dog a person could ask for. She tends to follow me the most, but loves everyone in the family. When I was hospitalized for eight days, she was miserable. After I came home she stayed even closer to me, like she was glued to me. And I would wake up during the night to find her checking on me.
    We love her and can’t imagine life without her!

  46. We adopted a golden chow mix, Arthur, from a rescue group to be a companion to our other dog. It soon became apparent that, while he played with with our other dog, he was our dog. He had a Chow Chow independent streak, but was fiercely loyal and kind to us. He only growled a few times, and those growls were only directed at individuals who seemed a bit threatening during our dark early morning walks. He was calm and had good sense. I totally trusted his judgement. We lost him about a year and a half ago and I miss him so much. Our Arthur was truly our king.

  47. I have access to a Golden Chow at a rescue center in South Florida. She is an awesome dog and ready to be rescued. Call me at 561-239-2435 if you are interested in talkng about her.

  48. I’m so glad that I k ow exactly what breed my beautiful “Spirit” is. I knew she was part show but I didn’t know what else. Until I saw the pictures. She looks just like those dogs!

  49. Could you … the other fans of this mix … possibly help us track down a distant descendent or relative of a dog we lost recently who was very dear to our hearts?

    From the side view, Jess looked nearly identical to the dog in the photo at the very top of the page. He was found by (or perhaps turned into the) shelter in Yukon, Oklahoma in roughly June of 2003, at which point he was estimated to have been either three or four years old. Assuming that his former owners were from Oklahoma, Jess’s siblings would probably have been from a litter in Oklahoma, and his offspring would have been born sometime between 1999 or 2000 and August of 2013.

    We lost Jess in May. On his gravestone, I wrote that Jess taught us how to have a family (though my wife knows that that means me, more than us). We adopted Jess in 2004, nearly three years after we had met. We now have three kids ranging in ages from four through seven. The minute I saw his photo on the rescue agency’s website, I felt some type of connection with him. Jess had a great balance of the two breeds. When it came to other dogs and his pursuits of any type of animal (bird, rodent, horse, or livestock), he was strongly alpha and competitive in his personality … enough so that I could relate to him and develop a strong bond with him. When he wanted something, he went for it with all his attention and effort, and never seemed to give up the pursuit. Yet, he was gentle and warm enough (the Golden Retriever part) for me to begin to open up my heart more than I had before, thus, I believe, helping prepare me for having kids.

    If anyone who has been tracking dogs that come from this unique combination can trace any dogs that might seem to be related to him, please contact me. Please also contact us to let us know of any other dogs like him we can adopt. Our phone and fax is (415) 380-9797 and our email is


    • I mistyped a number in my initial post (I types 2013 instead of 2003). If Jess fathered puppies while in Oklahoma or wherever his family lived before he ended up in Oklahoma, it would have happened between 1999 or 2000 and about August of 2003, as he was neutered by the rescue group when they got him in June of 2003.

  50. I adopted my Alta from animal control in Millersville, MD 10 years ago he was a skin and bones stray with no story. You don’t see many like him and at the dog park so many people ask what he is. He is smaller at 33lbs a sweet boy but does show some Chow when strangers come to the house. I call him my cat dog because of his alufness, constant grooming, lack of interest in playing ball, and love of curling up in a sunny spot. I love him with all his quirks, he is my baby boy. I call him my dog bear 🙂

  51. Found mine in a shelter 9 years ago and never regretted for one minute having him. Not only loyal to a fault, but extremely protective and the best watchdog. Even better then all the alarm systems. we are senior citizens and Nikki is now ten. We hope to have him for at least a few more years. He loves the outdoors and especially snow. People constantly stop us to ask his breed. We highly recommend this mixed breed. There should be breeders that specialize in this type of dog, as it would be in high demand.

    • We are the owners of Marty, who is pictured at the very top of this website. He also likes the outdoors and particularly snow. He is getting older now (16 years), but in his younger days he used to run down beside our daughter when she sledded down a hill in the winter. People are also constantly asking what breed of dog he is. Golden Chows are a very special breed indeed!!

  52. We found our Sammy a few years ago. We took him to the pound so his owners could find nzcnd pu notices up at the vets. When he wasn’t claimed, we bought him home. He is still skittish sometimes. He gets along with his sisters, our two small mixed breeds, and got along with our cats as well (both passed away this past year from old age). He takes his guard duties seriously, and patrols the house and yard before he goes to bed. He even lets us dress him up for Halloween to greet the trick-or-treators with the girls. I call him my “purse” puppy.

  53. I have a golden chow that is great! She (Amber) is great with the family, just if are a stranger don’t walk in without one of us being at home. She is very protective. Her downfall is she can not stand cats. But she loves our chihuahua’s. She also looks exactly like the pics on this site. Beautiful, playful and caring dog. She is going on 12 years old. I inherit’d her from a friend that passed away. She is a great breed.

  54. I have had dogs all my life. In the ’80’s & ’90s I had a Golden Retriever, Bosley, who was my very best friend and went everywhere with me where he was allowed. I lost him at age 13, and about a year later bought two Goldens – same age but different litters. My boys literally grew up with these two – Buddie & Shadow – and again they were my life and to me just perfect dogs just like Bosley. In Oct ’14 we had to put Shadow down at 15.5 years which was so hard, and even harder to watch Buddie experience no Shadow. Then in June ’15 we had to put Buddie down a week before his 16th birthday.

    As I now prepare to get my next dog, I decided for the first time to get a rescue pup, and have been researching for several months now, not really knowing what I am doing. My only criteria is a large, young (puppy to 1-2 yrs old) pup. I have applications at several Rescue sites and Shelters including the Retrieve a Golden of MN rescue (RAGOM) which is an amazing organization. Their website is: They have volunteers at their own expense flying to Turkey to rescue Goldens. I am mentioning this because so many in these comments asked where they could find a Golden Chow, and among other places I suggest you check out Golden Rescues because they include Golden mixes and a Golden Chow mix might be a possibility ~ and there are probably Chow rescues that also have Chow mixes.

    I have enjoyed reading every single comment and so happy this discussion exists. I and never heard or thought of a Golden Chow mix before. I have looked at hundreds of dogs since I began researching rescue sites and shelters, and just tonight for the first time ran across a Golden Chow mix in a shelter about 80 miles from me – that totally caught my attention and intrigued me. I am driving there tomorrow. When I run across mixes for adoption the first thing I do is google them to see what I can learn, and when I googled the Golden Chow mix this is the first thing that came up. So thank you I learned a lot and can’t wait to see this Golden Chow tomorrow!!

  55. We got our Sunny from a rescue group in Santa Fe, NM. Looks just like the ones on this page. She has the Chow eyes, inverted and always weeping. Made vet appt for this week, found golf-ball size lump on rear hip.

  56. my name is cindy im not good with computers, so maybe this will get some one that knows more to help me. I had a retriever&chow mix puppy, his name was hershey, he was going to be 8 in november, but he got pankeretatious I thank thats how you spell it i dont no but it caused him to have a stroke to and we had to put him down, since then my life has beena desaster ,cant sleep,can’t eat can’t thank ,can’t even get this right. Ive been on a search for a new friend maybe to help me get my life back on track so if there is anyone out therethat has the type of puppy or no of anyonethat has one free to a good home with lots and lots of love to give please please contact me at thank you

  57. I have a beautiful golden chow named Vincent or Vinny as we call him , he is the most gentle and good natured dog you could possibly have, he has the best qualities of both his parents , although he can be stubborn and sometimes takes off after rabbit’s or cats and will not come back until he has had his fun . I would recommend them to any potential owner they are the most wonderful companions you could wish for. I had a chow for ten years and he also had the same temprement as Vinny , his name was Dominic and I still miss him they bring so much joy to your life.

  58. We adopted our Golden Chow who had been advertised only as a Golden mix in 2008 to help ease our Lab mix through his depression following death of his beloved but aged companion, a full Golden. It was her pregnant mother who had been rescued in Central Florida in 2005 and gave birth in 2006 (New Year’s day). She had a Florida coat until we moved back to Northeast Ohio in the late summer. Suddenly she looked very much like the other Golden Chows pictured.
    She quickly became my ailing husband’s favorite dog of all time and stayed by his side or outside his bedroom door.
    She hates having her long roughish coat brushed but will tolerate brief grooming. Our biggest problem is the long hair between her pads because they gather ice balls which must be removed so that she can walk. Trimming that hair is out of the question as she seems to need it but occasionally it is trimmed for mats when she finds a muddy area.
    She likes to spend hours in the yard especially at night while she lies in the yard listening to the neighborhood sounds and howling to other dogs a block or so away.
    She is my soul mate.

  59. Looking for a female pup Golden Chow needing adoption. I had one for 10 years that I adopted from the North Shore Animal League here in NY & she was the best pet / friend anyone could ask for. She developed bladder cancer and was put down almost 5 years ago. I know that no puppy would ever take her place but it’s time for another one. If anyone knows of a female pup please let me know! Thanks, John


  61. I just lost my Golden Chow “bucky” after 11 years. I often referred to him as the greatest dog ever because he was so playful and happy with people, kids, and other dogs. Never once did he get into a fight or have an issue with another dog. He would often change his play style to accommodate the dog he was playing with. He was rescued from a vacant lot in downtown los angeles when he was very young and was loving and loyal from the moment he came into my home. I miss him so much he was my constant companion, just woke up one morning and he wasn’t himself staring into space and not moving and panting, died in my arms shortly after I suspect a heart attack or possible seizure. Devastated is an understatement, he was my best friend. I would like to find another Golden Chow at some point so if anyone knows a breeder or adoption option near Los Angeles please contact me or 310 435 9882.

    Thank you


  62. I just adopted a Golden Chow. What a wonderful dog. I would never give him up. He is so full of love.Teddy, because he looks like a Teddy Bear. As I think back, I think the last dog I had was a Golden Chow mix also, but he looked more like a Golden Retriever. Both wonderful dogs.

  63. I had a wonderful Golden Chow, named Sugar Bear. We adopted him when he was about 1 from a shelter in Boca Raton, FL. We had 13 wonderful, happy years with the best dog ever. He was a wonderful family dog, and the perfect dog to have while our 2 children were growing up. Sadly he passed in May 2015. I miss him dearly every day. What a personality and presence he had in our home. Bear definitely had the dominant Golden personality, but also had so many Chow personality traits. Especially his stubbornness! I would love another. I live north of Charlotte, NC now.

  64. My wife and I come to all you Golden Retriever Chow lovers with a heavy heart tonight. Marty, our Golden Retriever Chow, had to be put to sleep today because he was getting very old and was having great difficulty walking, particularly with his back legs and was suffering greatly from this. He had just reached the very old dog age of 17 years. We were blessed to have had his company for 15 of those 17 years, after we had adopted him from the local humane society. During his first two years on this planet he had been terribly abused and neglected and was constantly chained to a pole in the back yard. He overcame this and went on to become a wonderful member of our family showing much love and intelligence. He will be sorely missed. I should also say that dog in the first two pictures on this website is our Marty in his much younger days. We are glad to see him live on in this website.

    • So sorry to hear this about Marty. I was drawn to pictures of Marty because he looks so much like my Fozzy. I had Fozzy since he landed on my door step as a stray when he was 5-6 mo’s old. He’s been an amazing dog, I’ve hardly had to work to train him, because he just knows – he was very intuitive, polite, sweet, intelligent, outgoing & loving w/people, dogs & cats, & loved outdoor adventure & chasing squirrels & chipmunks in the woods. He was the best dog I ever knew – and SO handsome! He just turned 14 this summer & just this past month his health slipped away quickly. He had trouble with his back legs as well. Last week I spent his last day with him saying good bye & keeping him comfortable at home. I feel lucky to have been there holding him when he passed. It’s so hard to loose such a great friend & companion. ~ much love from another Golden Chow lover.

      • Thank you!!! Fozzy and Marty sound like they were practically clones of one another. What you have said about Fozzy fits Marty to a tee.

  65. I am located in NY. My beautiful Golden Chow named Teddy passed away at the age of 12 in June. My family and I have been devastated! Most of all me because I got him in Jan 2005 before I had my own family (husband and 2 kids) and he was about a month old. I rescued him from a field out in SC. He was nursing off of a different breed dog family, a German Sheppard. I am looking for a Golden Chow to warm our home again. Please contact me if anyone knows of any shelters, groups, online pages, and people who have these beauties. Thank you!

  66. We are looking for a golden chow mix puppy. We live in Parrish, fl., does anyone know where we might look for on in the central west side of Florida in between Sarasota and Tampa Bay?

    • Gary,

      Did you ever find a GC pup? I am looking for one in FL (Brevard) also. The younger, the better, for training. They do have some minor rough edges sometimes. Met two others at our dog park and all the owners agreed that it was the best breed they had ever had. They are extremely interesting dogs. I lost mine a couple of years ago and now I am retired and need a companion


  67. Our golden chow just had to be put to sleep at 16 years and about 9 months old. She was the friendliest dog I’ve ever known, and we never had any temperament issues with her. She went deaf in her last few years and eventually had kidney failure. We rescued her in May 2001 in Cleveland, Georgia, if anybody thinks they may have had any of her littermates or anything. I think my damily would whole-heartedly recommend adopting a golden chow mix.

  68. I am thinking about getting a Chow Golden mix myself named Toby. This website helped me understand more about what I am getting in to.

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  71. Looking for a female Golden Chow puppy to try and replace the one we just lost. She was taken from us unexpectedly. if any one know of any breeders please let me know. Thanks

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