Pomsky, Pomeranian and Husky Mix

One of the cutest and most adorable dog companion that you could have is a Pomsky, a rare dog designer breed. The Pomsky, Pomski or Huskenarian, as it’s also called, is not a purebred dog, but a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, a “hybrid” of great looks and great personality. These puppies are beautiful creatures, their appearance, characteristics and qualities being based on the traits of both breeds.

Typical Pomskies weigh 20-30 pounds, usually somewhere between the parents weight. It can look more like a Pomeranian when it’s a puppy, but it will change more into a Husky as it ages. Most often, the mother of a Pomsky is the Husky due to the size of the potential size of the puppy and the health problems that might appear. Reputable breeders always use the larger Huskies to carry Pomsky puppies.

Temperament and other Characteristics of a Pomsky

A Pomsky won’t win anytime soon a “Best in show” award at the prestigious America’s Dog Show at the Westminster Kennel Club but it will fill your life with joy and playful moments. You have to be flexible about this breed as it is not yet a “breed standard”, breeders still trying to get the best combinations and to determine Pomskies characteristics. Depending on the mix, these loving dogs can be more of a Husky in terms of physical appearance, size and temperament or be more like a foxy faced, thick furred Pomeranian. 


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