Beabull, the Beagle and Bulldog Mix

There is always a certain dose of unpredictability when it comes to mixing dog breeds, but the one between a Bulldog and a Beagle is probably one of the biggest. This crossbreed is called a Beabull and it somehow manages to combine the laziness and calmness of a Bulldog with the energetic and highly active nature of the Beagle. These opposing temperaments generate the unpredictability of the Beabull’s personality.

Although the Beabulls can be extremely charming, they can also possess a high dose of stubbornness. Both these traits are present in the parent breeds, so there’s a high chance that the Beabull puppy inherits them.

The Beagle Parent Breed

The origins of the Beagle are rather blurry, as no one knows exactly what they are. The information today only points to England in the sixteenth century, where it was known as a distinct breed, but nowadays the English Beagles are the descendants of a pack owned by the English clergy sometimes around mid-nineteenth century.

The Look of the Beagle

The American Beagle breed is characterized by short legs, which allows a dog’s total height of only about 40 centimeters. The coat is rather smooth and it is most often colored in a combination of black, white and tan. The brown and sometimes hazel colored eyes fit in a domed head, while the square and straight muzzle and the drooping ears complete the picture. The legs are pretty muscular and the shoulders are sloping. The tail has a bush and it is somehow curved. All these traits are very likely to be passed on to the Beabull descendant.

The Beagle’s Personality

One of the most popular pets and hunting dogs as well, the Beagle has a keen sense of scent and is used in hunting down smaller animals, for example rabbits. He is an excellent family member, getting along very well with children and being very fond of the family he is a part of.

The Bulldog

The ferocity and the bravery of the Bulldog recommended this dog to be used in bull baiting sports. However, around the middle of the nineteenth century, this type of sport was declared illegal and since then the Bulldog was only bred in a viciousness-free manner.

Bulldog’s Looks

A thick, heavy, muscular body is that of a Bulldog’s. A very big head sitting on wide shoulders, but connected through a short neck, small ears and a broad nose are defining for this breed. The lower jaw is very strong and is projected, thus the grip is very tight and hard to escape from. A short, straight haired coat covers the Bulldog’s body which ends with a short, straight or screw, low hung tail. The color of this dog is most often solid white, brindle or piebald. Females are usually smaller than the males who reach about 27 kilos in weight and 50 centimeters height.

Bulldog’s Personality

Although they can be stubborn at times, the Bulldogs are also calm and patient, making excellent pets as they are also getting along well with children – especially if they start training at an early age.

Beabull Puppies

The Beabull puppies are most of the time extremely charming and will be a very pleasant presence. Great with children, they are also good with older people. As most dogs, it’s important for them not to get bored, as they may turn destructive.


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