German Shepherd and Lab Mix

A German Shepherd and Lab mix (the so called German Sheprador) can be quite unpredictable, as you can expect from any other combination between two different breeds. Check out the pictures below to see what kind of dog you might get if you mix the friendly Labrador dog with a German Shepherd, a dog that is great for service jobs. Both breeds are highly intelligent (top 5 more intelligent dog breeds), so there is no question that a German Shepherd Labrador Mix will result in a smart dog. The only question is how will it look like.


Puppies are always cute, but those that come from a mix between GSD’s and Lab’s look especially nice.

Video with a German Sheprador

And finally, here is a video with a 2 year old mixed breed dog, a hybrid between a Labrador Retriever and a German Shepherd, also known as a German Sheprador.


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